Our Story

Do you struggle of finding a bra that won't stand out under sheer garments? We feel you! But no worries, your search has come to an end! If you're looking for a bra that doesn't show and doesn't stick then you have to get the amazing Bralex. Existing products such as a regular nude bra don't work and they are completely visible under the sheer garments. The sticky bras come off easily with sweat and they don't really provide support for curvy women. It's become a nightmare to find a transparent bra, and women worldwide constantly search for a better solution.

As a woman designer and a woman who loves fashionable outfits and knows the drawbacks first hand of a bra that shows through, it became my mission to design and produce a transparent bra that supports curvy women. Introducing the Bralex, a transparent bra that is lightweight, comfortable, practical, and perfect for sheer or backless outfits. It's designed to fit perfectly and provides extra support for busty women. So you can feel free dancing and jumping around at a party without worrying about your bra.

we conducted tests on many different body shapes to make sure that the bra is supportive, comfortable, and transparent on different skin shades. Don't miss this opportunity to add the most practical transparent bra to you wardrobe so you can be confident in your most sheer garments or backless dresses.